The rebirth of Pignoletto
The first real guest of Terre Rosse Vallania

grechetto Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi

An ancient local vine variety

from the Hills of Bologna

The perfect base for sparkling wines

We consider this wine as a great opportunity to identify with. As the wine has changed throughout time, also our winery is not the same as it was yesterday. Terre Rosse Vallania and its Pignoletto are constantly evolving.

Pignoletto is historically a difficult grape variety because of its fast ripening, great territorial competition and the way these lands view it.

However, at Terre Rosse Vallania, we welcome anyone who is not in line with the times or, on the contrary, is too much so, to exhaustion!

That is why Pignoletto is the first real guest of Terre Rosse Vallania.

Pignoletto and Prosecco

are like David and Goliath.

The one between Pignoletto and Prosecco is a historic challenge,

and we have chosen sides.

Have you?

The rebirth of Pignoletto


Terre Rosse Pignoletto Superiore Malago


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