The Perditempo Philosophy

Perditempo means Time Wasters. They were born to enjoy idleness, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This mindset spread to Terre Rosse Vallania with a rather funny story.


It all started with a German nobleman who lost track of time in the middle of our lands, Terre Rosse.

About 50 years ago, a German entrepreneur was wandering around Italian villages, bragging about his considerable capital and constantly looking for new business. He was a distinguished man, finely dressed as few at the time could afford to do. A gentleman who, now on the threshold of middle age, could claim to have already done and seen it all. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, he could not accept the idea of not working or taking even a real week’s vacation, as he was convinced that wasting time meant wasting money. He was wearing one of those chronograph watches on his wrist so that he could meticulously check how much time he spent on each chore and how much was left before he finished the day.

Even on his trip to Italy, the German man went from one city to another without ever stopping to enjoy the great variety of landscapes that characterize the Belpaese.

However, when he reached the Emilia territory, it was difficult to maintain his cold attitude. Welcomed by the rows of vines that ran along the Colli Bolognesi, the German stopped to admire the majestic Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca from afar. He remained still for about ten minutes, enraptured by the beauty of those “coiffed lands”, without even noticing that a bad storm was coming. The drops of a fine drizzle began to soak the man’s coat for a few minutes, until the historic cellarman, seeing that gentleman lost under the rain, invited him to eat and drink something in his winery, to take shelter from the bad weather.

Although he had business meetings in the early afternoon, the entrepreneur found himself overwhelmed by a sudden hunger, and since he was now drenched and had nowhere to take shelter, he decided to accept the invitation of the somewhat awkward but kind man.

The two entered the winery and it seemed to the German man that he had ended up in another world: the walls were covered with wine bottles and corks, almost as if it were a mausoleum dedicated to enology.

The gentlemen had lunch amid chatter and glasses of wine. The winemaker had enjoyed chatting with the stranger so much that he decided to let him taste all the types of wine he produced only for his own family. These included Pignoletto, a bottle that the winemaker had initially avoided offering him, but given the convivial atmosphere, he decided to share anyway.

This choice was a turning point for him.

With a glass of Pignoletto in his hand, the German man let himself go, telling late into the night about all his life experiences, and every time he finished a story his glass was refilled by the kind vintner. Time ran both slow and fast, the day was over in the blink of an eye, but those hours spent together sipping Pignoletto were for the German man pure and pleasant idleness, forgetting about his work commitments.

Thus, for the first time in his life, the entrepreneur had given himself some time to himself, taking his mind off and lazing around … just for the pleasure of wasting time.

At the end of the day the German man asked for crates and crates of bottles, forming a whole pallet of Pignoletto.


A moment of idleness and a special order:

this is how the story of the Perditempo was born at Terre Rosse Vallania.

The Perditempo are for all those who need

to let go and change the pace of their clock

knowing that, sometimes,

a second lasts forever.


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